Is Alum Safe To Tighten Vaginal Walls Naturally – An Honest Study

Is Alum Safe To Tighten Vaginal Walls Naturally Without Surgery? An Honest Study

Potassium alum powderLoose vagina can be a big villain in your bedroom. Vaginal looseness can easily put an end to a long love story. Do you want to tighten your vagina to bring back the spark in your love life? There are several ways to make your vag tighter again. You can go for surgical way to tighten up a loose vagina if you are ready to break your banks and are ready to accept the risk of scarred vagina.

If you are against invasive surgeries, you can go for natural vaginal tightening ways. Home remedies to tighten vaginal walls like alum are considered to be safe by most women with loose vaginas. Is alum safe to tighten vaginal walls naturally? Know the answer.

Is alum safe to tighten vaginal walls naturally or not?

It is generally believed that home remedies are safe for all problems but in reality it is not so. What do experts say about the safety of alum for tightening loose vagina?

What do doctors say about alum safety?

Angele NFor – She is a gynecologist in Cameroon. She says many of her patients have used alum powder to tighten their vagina. She admits that alum block does dries up and shrinks the internal membranes of the vagina but she warns that if used in large quantities, your vagina can close up completely.

She says a few of her patients have torn their vagina during child birth because overuse of potash alum for vaginal tightness had closed up their vaginal opening. She adds that women with torn vagina are always at increased risk of being infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

secret remedy to make your pussy tighter for women with very lose pussy wallsMichel Ekno – He is an obstetrician. He says vagina has the natural system of cleaning itself. Inserting objects dipped in alum makes your genitalia exposed to recurrent and frequent infections and can even result in infertility in the end.

Dr. Joseph – He is a gynecologist in Yaounde. He warns that the effect of alum on a woman’s health can be catastrophic. He says alum destroys the flora that acts a protective barrier against sexually transmitted diseases.

He adds that it can affect the self-cleaning mechanism of the vagina. He further adds that alum has a rough consistency and rubbing it on the sensitive vaginal walls will result in vaginitis. He warns that the vaginal walls will become very rigid that they will get torn during intercourse.

What is the conclusion drawn after reading the views from qualified gynecologists and obstetricians? It definitely seems to be unsafe to use alums to tighten a wide vagina naturally without surgery.

Do you want more proofs regarding the safety of alums for revirgination?

Here is an extract from MSDS Sheet on potassium alum. What is a MSDS sheet? It is the short form of Material Data Safety Sheet. What does it say? It says that alum is hazardous to skin and can cause irritation. This is a real proof that alum is not safe to make your vag tighter again.

Is alum safe to tighten vaginal walls naturally? The answer is No. Do you want to know about how to tighten your stretched out vagina without going for dangerous options like alum solution for vaginal looseness? You should go for safer options to tighten up wired looking vaginal walls naturally.

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is alum safe to tighten vaginal walls naturally

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