How To Use Alum To Tighten Flappy Vagina – An All Inclusive Guide

How To Use Alum To Tighten Flappy Vagina Naturally – An All Inclusive Step-by-Step Guide

will it work for meAre you having doubts that your vagina is stretched? Check for the telltale signs to confirm your doubts? Are you suffering from urinary leakage problem? Are you not able to clasp your forefinger by contracting your stretched labia? Are you experiencing a decrease in sexual pleasure? If your answer is in positive to one or all questions, your vagina may be loose.

Yes; my vagina looks weird – don’t worry. If your problem is not very severe, you can solve it with home remedies like alum, vinegar, lemon etc. Do you want to know how to use alum to tighten flappy vagina instantly? Don’t be shy to read the rest of this know the best way to make a flappy vagina tighter again.

How to use alum to tighten flappy vagina without surgery?

Method #1 – Vaginal wash

Take a bowl of hot water. Dissolve a tablespoon of alum in it. When the water becomes warm, use it to wash your vagina. You can use a sponge soaked in this now liquid alum solution to wash your vagina to make sure that maximum solution enters your vagina.

Method #2 – Vaginal soak

Dissolve a tablespoon of powdered alum in a tub of warm water. Sit inside this water with your vagina soaked inside for five to ten minutes.

Method #3 – Vaginal syringe

Have you ever heard of vaginal syringes? They have been specially made for using home remedies to treat vaginal issues. It has a special rounded tip because sharp tips of normal syringes could hurt the soft vaginal skin. Take a small cup of warm water. Dissolve a teaspoon of alum powder in it. Use a vaginal syringe to pull in the solution. Then eject the liquid alum solution slowly into the vagina.

Method #4 – Vaginal tampons

Are you comfortable with using tampons? If so, you can use tampons to use alum to tighten loose vagina. Dip tampon in alum solution. Insert it through your vaginal opening. Leave it inside for five minutes. Remove.

Method #5 – Vaginal douche

Vaginal douches are sold in stores. They usually contain vinegar and water or baking soda and water or iodine and water. You can buy them and add alum to it and use it for vaginal tightness. If you get ready to use alum douches, you can buy it. It will make things easier.

Method #6 – Vaginal squeeze bottle

The world today is women-friendly. You get a lot of women special products in the market. Vaginal squeeze bottle is one among them. They are sterile bottles and you need not worry about getting infected. Fill this bottle with alum solution and squeeze the contents into your vagina.

Points to remember while using alum to tighten stretched vagina

  1. Alum should be used about thirty minutes before sex.
  2. Alum can affect the natural chemistry of your vagina. This will make your vagina more likely to get bacterial and fungal infection.
  3. Alum is acidic in nature. It can cause irritation.
  4. Alum should not be used recurrently to tighten loose vag naturally. It will increase the chances of alum side effects.
  5. Alum should not be used in large quantities.
  6. If you experience any side effects, you should immediately stop the usage. Wash your vagina with warm water. If irritation continues, consult a gynecologist.
  7. It should not be used if your partner has yeast infection.
  8. Do you have yeast infection or any other STD? If so, alum should be strictly avoided.

Is using alum the best way make your Va Jay Jay tighter again? Closing remarks

Do you think it is wise to use alum for tightening wide vagina? It is unsafe to use. It would be wiser to buy vaginal tightening creams and capsules sold in the market. They are safer and more reliable. Do a research on all products and buy the best. Don’t waste your money buying ineffective natural vag tightening pills or topical creams for women. Be sure to choose the best and most recommended natural product by other women.

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My vagina looks weird - How to use alum to tighten flappy vagina naturally! DISCOVER how you can use alum powder to tighten up your flappy vagina again instantly! Most effective methods to make weird looking stretched labia tighter; vaginal douche, vaginal tampons, vaginal soaks, using vaginal syringe, side effects and more

how to use alum to tighten flappy vagina

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