How To Make Your Vag Tighter Instantly With Alum Powder Solution – A Step By Step Guide

How To Make Your Vag Tighter Instantly With Alum Powder – A Step By Step Guide

white alum blockWhat is alum and what is it used for? Alum powder or potassium alum is a chemical compound with multiple benefits like teeth whitening, leather tanning, water purification, after shave treatment and many more. It is used frequently to tighten loose vagina. Does alum tighten your vagina?

Yes, it does work for vaginal looseness problem. Its usage as a vaginal tightener treatment dates back to centuries before and is still used by many women as a home remedy to tighten stretched vagina. Here is a step by step guide on how to make your vag tighter instantly with alum powder.

Before going for the step by step instructions, you should know when to use alums for vaginal tightening.

When to use alum to make vagina tighter?

The effects of alum powder to tighten up your vagina fast last for about 30 minutes. So it should be used half an hour before you plan to have intercourse.

How to use alum powder for vaginal tightness?

  1. Take some water in a bowl. Mix powdered alum or alum block in it. Stir well until it is completely dissolved in water. Wash your vagina with this water. Make sure that the maximum amount of mixed liquid alum solution goes inside your vagina. Here is a tip to ensure that most of the solution goes in. Take a disposable syringe without a needle. Fill the syringe with the liquid alum solution. Lie down and squirt the solution slowly into your vagina.

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Do you want to know how much alum powder to use to tighten a wide vagina instantly? The amount differs from one woman to another depending upon the pH level. Try different quantities of powdered alums each time. Find which is most effective for you.

  1. You can also prepare homemade douches using alum powder. How to prepare an alum douche at home?

Method #1

Take a clean ketchup squeeze bottle. The nozzle of the ketchup bottle may not be ling enough to reach inside your vagina. You can buy a long nozzle from any pharmacy and attach it to the bottle. Fill the bottle with alum powder solution and your douche is ready to use.

Method #2

Take a small plastic bag. Fold it to make a cone. Attach a nozzle at the sharp end. Fill the solution and seal it with a duct tape. Your homemade alum douche to tighten a wide vagina instantly is ready.

Alum douche recipe

This douching with alum recipe dates back to the 11th century. Alum, egg white, sugar, herbs like fleabane and vine are dissolved in water and boiled. When the solution cools down, it can be used in douches.

  1. There is another way that is easier than making douches – alum douche recipe. Take a tampon. Soak it with alum solution. Insert it inside the vagina. Leave it for a few minutes and then remove. Make sure that you remove it in a few minutes.
  2. There is yet another way to use alum for vaginal tightening. You get ready to use vaginal douches in the pharmacies. Some of them contain alum as the main ingredient. Most of the douches contain vinegar and water etc. You can drain it out and replace it with alum solution.

Vital facts about tightening your vagina with alums

Now that you know how to make your vag tighter instantly with alum powder solution you should know some vital info before starting to use alum powder to tighten vag.

  1. Alum is recommended only for short term use. Long term use of alum powder can cause irritation to your vaginal skin.
  2. If you or your partner has yeast infection, it can aggravate the burning feeling.
  3. Too much use of alum may cause scarring of skin.

Is alum the best natural home remedy to tighten your vag fast? To SUM Up

You know how to make your vag tighter instantly with alum powder but you should be very careful in using alums. You may suffer from undesired side effects. It may be risky if you overuse it. If you want to avoid risks and play it safe, the best option is to go for natural vaginal tightening products that are safe and effective.

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How to make your vag tighter instantly with alum powder solution - Vaginal looseness problem? DISCOVER how to make a loose vagina tighter fast with potassium ALUM powder! Works like CHARM to tighten a wide vagina naturally at home. Best alum douche recipe, most effective douching with alums method and more

how to make your vag tighter instantly with alum powder

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