Alum Uses For Tightening Big Vagina Instantly – An Overview

Alum Uses For Tightening Big Vagina Naturally – An Overview

hidden solution to shrink wide vaginas narrow againWomen who don’t possess vaginal tightness ask frequently, ‘how do I make my vagina tighter’. Medical experts are of the opinion that the size of the opening of the vagina is not a problem for sexual enjoyment. Nevertheless, women and men are not convinced.

They believe firmly that vaginal tightness is a very important requirement for good sex. Among the several natural remedies to tighten vaginal walls, it is alum that gives instant tightening result. What are alum uses for tightening big vagina?

What is alum?

It refers to a wide class of chemical compounds called alum. Which alum is used to tighten loose vagina fast? It is the potassium alum or the hydrated potassium aluminium sulfate that is used to get tighter vagina. The use of alum is not just limited to instant vag tightening. It has a lot more benefits. It is used to treat urinary incontinence, asthma, cuts and bacterial infections.

What are alum uses for tightening?

  1. It shrinks the opening of the vagina. Vagina loses its original size due to several reasons.
  • Your vagina may be big in size naturally. Its shape may be big right from birth.
  • Your vagina may become loose after child birth.
  • It may become loose if you have sex with multiple partners.

Whatever the reason, alum is effective in making your vagina tight instantly.

  1. It causes dry feeling. Alum is an astringent. What is an astringent? It is an ingredient used in beauty salons. Natural astringents include pomegranates, lemons, tannins and alum. They cause dryness in the skin and make the pores to shrink. Astringents are used in beauty treatments to bind and shrink the pores to make skin look youthful. The same astringent property makes your vagina too dry. It is true that your vagina should be lubricated to enjoy sex. But very wet and over lubricated vagina will prevent you from climaxing. If you have an over wet vagina, alum will dry up the opening and will take your sex to new heights.
  2. It gives instant results. Although there are many other natural ways to tighten vagina that is big and stretched out, no other way gives fast vaginal tightness results like alum. You will feel instant tightening. The result is expected to last for about 30 minutes but a few women say that the vagina tightness lasted for a whole day.

Is alum vaginal tightening recommended to keep it tight down there?

In spite of its instant vag shrinking and drying effects, it is not recommended to tighten your Va Jay Jay. Why is it so? Habitual usage of powdered alum can cause a lot of side effects.

  • It can scar your vaginal lips and walls permanently.
  • It may over tighten your vagina. It may become too tight down there and make insertion impossible. Sex will become an affair of pain and not fun.
  • It may increase the risks of bacterial infection and STD’s.
  • It may cause burning sensation.
  • If your partner has sensitive skin, alum may cause burning sensation to him too.
  • It may irritate your skin.

If alum is not recommended, what is recommended to make your Va Jay Jay tighter?

There are several vaginal tightening products in the form of creams and capsules. These products are a better option because the ingredients are used in right measurements. Risk of side effects is very low. Some products contain alum as an ingredient but it is of the right dosage. So you will not have any side effects.

Alum uses for tightening big vagina are true but it causes more harm than good. Avoid alum and go for herbal vag tightening products. This is a proven effective natural product you should consider using rather than risking your sexual and general using alum solution to tighten your Va Jay Jay.

Powdered alum uses for tightening big vagina instantly - How do I make my vagina tighter naturally? Need INSTANT vaginal tightness result? Is alum powder uses to tighten big vaginas fast RECOMMENDED? It can cause STD’s, bacterial infection, burning sensation and other side effects

alum uses for tightening big vagina

How do I make my vagina tighter with powdered alums?

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